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Random D20 Encounter

Random D20 Encounter

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A random resin D20 die appears! Roll for initiative!

If you're here, you're probably like us and love to roll the dice! So, why not take a chance with a mystery handcrafted die? We have a collection of D20s that we will randomly pick from and send your way! Some are extras from our full sets that you may have seen before. Some were part of experiments and have never seen the light of day.

All are sanded, polished, inked, and inspected to ensure that you never roll the dice when it comes to quality.

Supplies are limited but we will continue to add more. So best of luck and happy rolling!

Each die is handcrafted by Stu and Karina, and as is the case with handmade goodies, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced. Each die is inspected for quality and function before sale.

Handcrafted Dice Details

1 Piece Dice Set: D20
Color: Random
Ink: Random
Series: 0-0
Each die is inspected for quality.

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Handcrafted Resin Dice

This resin dice set is handcrafted by Stu and Karina. We have designed, handcrafted, and put our love and hard work into each one of these dice. Because each set is handcrafted, no two sets are exactly the same!

Each set of dice takes several hours to create, from mixing and poring the dice, to sanding each site, and finally inking them by hand, they are truly a passion project.

The symbol is what our very close group of friends has adopted as our group emblem. We decided to put it on our dice as a nod to them and a representation of friendship and community.

We do inspect each die for quality and function before sale. However, as they are handmade, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced.

Why the Meeple Dot?

The reason for the Meeple Dot on the 9's and 6's is because when we started making handmade dice we would make meeples with the extra resin to go with the sets. Which then developed into including the Meeple on our handmade dice. So when designing the models for these dice, we wanted to include the Meeple Dot as a nod to where we started. Plus, we love games that include meeples, they're like little quest givers.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Greg Voyta
Beautiful Dice!

The dice I ordered look great and are high quality!

Brandon Kelley

Random D20 Encounter

Devin Kilgore
Amazing Dice!

I held off writing my review until I had a chance to use them in a game and I'm so glad I did.

First of all, AMAZING quality! I bought 2 of these chance dice for advantage/disadvantage purposes.
My Sorcerer did not fail a single Con save to keep concentration on spells.

Colors are amazing and the sharp edges are *chefs kiss*
Phenomenal dice all around, will be buying more when they are back in stock!


Loved the colour mix in this dice my daughter loves it too and she kept it its her new favourite dice