About Us

Greetings from Karina and Stu!

Karina and Stu of Questing Tools

Welcome Adventurer ⚔️  to Questing Tools!

We are Karina💙 and Stu💚 the founders of Questing Tools, and we are thrilled to have you here!

We started Questing Tools as a way to express and share our passion for gaming and nerd culture. Each design on the apparel is created by us, we handcraft our own resin dice, and personally check and ship every set of dice, to make sure you are only getting the best!

Because every epic adventure needs equipment, so we want to equip your with only amazing stuff!

If you have any questions, please send us a message and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we get back from an adventure.

Creating the Questing Tools Logo

Questing Tools Logo Story

When designing the Questing Tools logo, we wanted the logo to tell the story of our own nerdy adventures.

The first symbol is a house from Monopoly, one of the first board games either of us played.

The second symbol is a bottle cap from Fallout, one of Stu first RPG games and something he still loves today.

The third symbol is a pickaxe from Minecraft, the game that both Karina and Stu played together in college.

And, lastly is the X for PAX, the event that has become a large part of our lives as Enforcers. All together the four symbols are placed together like pieces on a game board.

About Our Handcrafted QT Resin Dice

The QT Handcrafted Resin Dice have been designed, crafted, and made with love and hard work by us. Because each set is handcrafted, no two sets are exactly the same! Each set of dice takes several hours to create, from mixing and poring the dice, to sanding each site, and finally inking them by hand, they are truly a passion project.

The symbol is what our very close group of friends has adopted as our group emblem. So, we decided to put it on our dice as a nod to them and a representation of friendship and community.

If you are fortunate to acquire a set, we do hope that they bring you a lot of joy, as we love making them!