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Wedding Present

Adored our commission for our characters! They handled it with so much care and detail

Most beautiful art I've ever commissioned

So!!!! Lemme tell yall how amazing these dice are!!! So the first picture is a close up pic from the seller and the second pic is from me when I received them, and I am a VERY happy customer. When you choose to commission dice from this company, you aren't just receiving dice, you are receiving ART. Right off the bat, they were on top of the general idea of what I wanted, and then as we pounded out the details and I received pics of the dice before they got their ink my excitement only grew, and lemme tell yall, they live up to the hype.

My dice set is inspired by my first character (2 years playing and still going strong!) and she's a druid raised by raccoons! I asked for "the tranquility of standing in the forest encased in resin" and they got it perfectly!!! Not an easy task for sure!!!

I 100% percent got my moneys worth and if you're considering getting dice from these kind folks I can guarantee that they will listen to your requests assuming its physically possible. They've got amazing customer service and while ironing out ideas and talking about details takes time, its worth it!!!!

Love these dice sets!!

Such great quality and I just love how the metal dice look and feel. I can’t wait to get more!!!

I love this bag!!!

It’s great quality for putting all my husbands dice in it!! Let’s me see how much more room we got for more dice!!!

Great beautiful dice set

Wonderful interaction with this company. Dice are amazing and so pretty. My girl loved her surrprise. Wish you sold them in a 4 pack of d6s.

Very good

The quality of the products was great! I got a little cat and it was well painted and flocked. The packaging was amazing and I really enjoyed how put together everything was! Overall the dice quality was also really good and they look amazing! One of the dice has a small defect, but it’s not super noticeable and it doesn’t effect the way it rolls. Overall a great product!

Great Product - Better Service

The dice I ordered were great - exactly what I was expecting - nice quality, etc. But what really stood out was the service from order to delivery. Shipping was fast and even came a little sooner than I expected. The personal touches like the included thank-you note and stickers were a nice surprise. Those are seemingly small details - but honestly, it makes a difference. They'll definitely be getting more of my business.


I really wanted personalized dice for one of my beloved characters, and they knocked it out of the park. Not only did they really work with me on the concept of what I was looking for, but they kept me up to date on every step to make sure I was happy with them so far. They really included every detail we discussed and captured the essence of my character. They were so friendly and helpful, and this will definitely be a website I keep in my back pocket if I ever need more custom character dice in the future.

Carmilla’s Kiss

These dice are beautiful. The red catches the light just right and looks like blood from a vampire’s kiss. They roll very well. The packaging is beautiful and really well done. 10/10 will be ordering again. When commissions open I definitely want a table breaker d20 of this set

Leviathan Dice A++

I just received my order today and they are just as beautiful in person as they were in pictures. The team/artists are Amazing, they did such a great job bringing my dice to life and kept me posted every step of the way. It was an absolute delight and I'll definitely be ordering again!

Cute little dice guardians

I ordered two of the random quest pals and received a cute little black and pink mouse and a black raven friend. They each came with a lovely set dice and had adorable packaging.
10/10 will by more quest pals

loved it!

The dice were perfect, they worked with me and sent pictures the entire process and the dice turned out perfect. My new favorite set hands down recommend these to anyone looking for new dice!

Custom Commission - Owlbear

The dice came out perfect! Karina and Stu really put a lot of time and effort into making these dice feel special and unique! They even went as far as to try something they’ve never done before and put feathers in the dice which give it such a beautiful look!


I love my dice. They are really great and I love the color on them. I get to use them with my weekly dnd group and they are always jealous.

Let’s quest!

You guys went above and beyond with my order! I am thoroughly impressed!

My Dice

I love them theyre fantastic!!

Absolute DREAM to work with

Karina and Stu were so quick to respond and make my vision come to life for my commissioned dice. They kept me in the loop the entire way, carefully breaking down cost and everything so I knew exactly what to expect every step of the way. Love my dice!!


The d20 I ordered was perfect! The communication was quick and easy, and I was excited the entire process!

These are amazing!

What a wonderful set of beautiful dice. They feel great, look great, and roll great. Absolutely my favorite set of dice ever. I plan on using these in all of my games for the rest of time. The handwritten note, free d6, and bag to hold them all was a wonderful touch. I will definitely recommend these to my friends.

Absolutely Stunning

You can tell a lot of love went into these dice. And they are absolutely gorgeous! They look beautiful in the product pictures, but even better in person. I am incredibly impressed and happy with my new click-clacks!

Amazing Dice

This is an awesome set of dice, they look amazing, roll amazing, and have a nice weight to them. They came earlier than the expected delivery time and included a hand written note from Karina and Stu. They also sent it with a extra D8 from a different set. Great experience and I'll definitely be returning here in the future.

Random D20 Encounter

Love the dice I ordered

I ordered 3 sets of dice 2 acrylic and one metal and I love them. My order came quick and even came with bonus swag.

Amazing product

I received my random d20 and metal rot set and I was so shocked by the quality. They are amazing and they are now my go to set.

Amazing Dice!

I held off writing my review until I had a chance to use them in a game and I'm so glad I did.

First of all, AMAZING quality! I bought 2 of these chance dice for advantage/disadvantage purposes.
My Sorcerer did not fail a single Con save to keep concentration on spells.

Colors are amazing and the sharp edges are *chefs kiss*
Phenomenal dice all around, will be buying more when they are back in stock!

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