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Widow's Wraith Dice Set
Karl d Krehbiel
Great job

All ready rolled a boss kill with them

Beautiful dice!

Love the look of these, very well crafted and gorgeous

Great dice!

Beautiful colors and very well made!

Them dice!

Bought all 3 sets, they look snappy and feel great to roll. I enjoy the icon/exclamation token being included for each set as well, its a handy extra counter for a bunch of the games I play. We look forward to future dice sets and styles from this company!

Stunning dice

Awesome dice. They look better in real life than in the pictures. The colors are vibrant and not murky and the glitter really pops. I was astonished when unpacking them. I have widows wrath and shadow clan. Will get the other two too.

Stunning dice

I was really impressed with the dice from the campaign. They look way better in real life than on the pictures even. They are vibrant and the colors clearly visible and not murky. The glitter really pops too. Will get the other 2 sets too. I have shadow clan and widows wrath.

They are absolutely beautiful.

Seriously nice dice

Very happy to have backed this KS. The dice have a lovely crisp sound to them and a wonderful feel. I am pretty picky on manufactured dice but have 0 regrets with these ones!


I own a lot of dice, made by many companies and individuals. The dice produced by Questing Tools are exceptional. The colours are vibrant and sharp, the finish is excellent. You won’t regret buying these dice.

Shadow Clan Dice Set
Jennifer Campbell
They look and feel nice but......

I bout these for my niece for Christmas. They look really good, but I found the numbers and symbols on the dice really hard to see. With the shadow dice being so dark the numbers and symbols should have been done in a lighter color.

Lovely color.

Dice really came through as pictured.

Shadow Clan Dice Set
Andrew Strunk
Good dice

Good colors they fit in my hand really well the only problem I have is 2 of the D20s rolled a natural 1 on the first roll lol but then later rolled some natural 20s so it all evens out 10/10 would recommend

Shadow Clan Dice Set
Trey Holguin
Multiple sets bought

I love the dice I received! I got multiple sets and some sharp edged d20s, and I love them all! The sets feel great and are easily readable! Excellent jobs all the way around!

Shadow Clan Dice Set
Amanda Cochran
Love love love!

The products are stunning, the people are kind, and they even included a handwritten note in my package. :*) Love Questing Tools and am already looking into my next purchase!!!

Widow's Wraith Dice Set
Patrick Mooney
Great dice, better d4

The dice are beautiful. Comes with the better (in my opinion anyway) d4 shape

Caster's Coven Dice Set
Kelly John Cooke
Caster's Coven Set

The multitude of colors make the dice really look and feel magical.

Mysterious Stranger Set.

The purple color and blue ink really compliment each other.

Shadow Clan Dice Set
Kelly John Cooke
Shadow clan set

Awesome color swirl, the glitter makes it pop.

Quest Dice Bag
Deija Inloes
Beautiful Dice

I ordered the shadow dice, they're quite beautiful and unique!


I rolled some big crits already. The d4 is awesome and I've used the d2 several times in the last 2 weeks.
Thanks, Questing Tools!

Love love love them!

Beautiful set of dice! The inky swirls of the Mysterious Stranger set are striking and the whole set is super sparkly. Wonderful click-clacks! <3

Good bag

I have seen smaller, lesser quality dice bags sell for this price. The size is huge, it is very well made and certainly worth it.

The D20 has a standard size so that the size of the bag can be appreciated.

Good quality

I usually prefer the dice to have the numbers painted a different shade than the die, but you can still read them well and the quality of the set is very good.

Highly recommended

At the beginning I didn't like them too much, but now that I have received them, they are the ones I like the most. Without a doubt, highly recommended.

Better than I expected

They are very hard to read, the contrast would be much greater if instead of a shade of gray they were painted in white, black or silver.

Anyway, they are some of the most beautiful dice set I've ever had, I love the way the colors blend with such a transparent background.