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Star-Forming Region RPG Dice

Star-Forming Region RPG Dice

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Star-Forming Region Nebula Dice - From a galaxy 🔭 not so far away comes a collection bursting with intergalactic potential. ✨ Each die is a blend of rich colors and shimmers, promising a unique set every time that embodies the object for which it is named. Explore the mystical powers of the dice universe and find your perfect system today.

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7 Piece Dice Set: D4, D6, D8, D10 (0-9, 00-90), D12, D20
Green and Red with glitter

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Hamlin
Awesome dice, great service!

I was impressed with how beautiful these dice looked when I first saw them, and at a great price, I was quick to order. The next day, I received a promotion for 20% off my first order, but I had already payed for my first order, so I emailed and Karina was quick to respond with a refund of 20%.

Then, I waited and waited for my dice. The tracking info showed them stuck in China, and for a month, I waited until the online tracking info had no information due to no updates for over 30 days. I emailed again, and Karina said it was due to COVID-19, which I had suspected. She said they were changing their distribution channel to ship from the US, but offered a full refund if I decided to just give up on them after waiting so long, or they would put in a new order for my dice. I appreciated the effort they were putting in, so I told her to please, renew the order!

I'm very glad I did, the dice arrived yesterday, more than 2 months after my initial order, but it was worth the wait! They are beautiful and well-balanced.

I have to say, though, that I was quite amazed that the package included a hand-written note from Karina, and a special gift of another beautiful set of dice. She kindly thanked me for my patience in waiting for my order to arrive, but my patience pales in comparison to the considerate and thoughtful treatment of their customers.

Questing Tools has won me over, and will be the first place I look for any future adventuring gear because they have shown that the thing they care about most is quality, not just of their products, but of themselves, and the service they provide to their customers.

Tamzin S.

These dice are stunning my D6 is my favourite it has a lot of nice swirls and the colours make me think of watermelon but they are also dark and rich good for chaotic evil character ☺️