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Handcrafted Dice Commission

Handcrafted Dice Commission

Greetings Adventurer! We are so excited that you are interested in your very own, one of a kind handcrafted QT Dice!

To get the dice rolling please fill out the inquiry form in the link above. Tell us a bit about what you are looking for and we will contact you to work out a plan!

The Commission Form has more details on what type of dice are available for commission!

Pricing will be based on each set - dependent upon sourcing materials, how much time it's going to take, etc. 

Each die is handcrafted by Stu and Karina, and as is the case with handmade goodies, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced. Each set is inspected for quality and function before sale.

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Handcrafted Resin Dice

This resin dice set is handcrafted by Stu and Karina. We have designed, handcrafted, and put our love and hard work into each one of these dice. Because each set is handcrafted, no two sets are exactly the same!

Each set of dice takes several hours to create, from mixing and poring the dice, to sanding each site, and finally inking them by hand, they are truly a passion project.

The symbol is what our very close group of friends has adopted as our group emblem. We decided to put it on our dice as a nod to them and a representation of friendship and community.

We do inspect each die for quality and function before sale. However, as they are handmade, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced.

Why the Meeple Dot?

The reason for the Meeple Dot on the 9's and 6's is because when we started making handmade dice we would make meeples with the extra resin to go with the sets. Which then developed into including the Meeple on our handmade dice. So when designing the models for these dice, we wanted to include the Meeple Dot as a nod to where we started. Plus, we love games that include meeples, they're like little quest givers.




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At Questing Tools, our goal is to make you happy! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Custom set based on loose guidelines

I didn't give a set of specific requests to Karina and Stu. I wanted them to surprise me with an idea and then go from there.

Every step of the way they made sure I liked it and agree to go on. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had working on a custom commission.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Karina and Stu - you will get an excellent service <3

Karrah Bryant
Custom Dice

Absolutely loved working with y’all to make these dice, they came out lovely and I can’t wait to make another set!

Alex H
Love the dice!

Not only are the dice perfect, but also it comes with so many cute extras like a handwritten note! I received a set with two resin d20 and an extra acrylic d20 which is perfect for me. I opted for one of the leather pouches and that’s a great statement piece. They glow in the dark as well, so I love keeping them out on the night stand. Thanks Karina and Stu!

Jerel Gue
N7 Dice

These Dice are AMAZING. I used them in my last session which was in-person after months of virtual sessions and they definitely were talked about! Karina and Stu were super informative and easy to work with on my commission. They guided me step by step and gave good feedback and updates. Really happy with my set and I definitely recommend anyone to request a commission as well as checking out their normal stock. This is my second set from Questing tools and I will be ordering from them again.

Wedding Present

Adored our commission for our characters! They handled it with so much care and detail