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Citric Pop Dice

Citric Pop Dice

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This set pops in the daylight and in the dark. The nearly neon green resin and yellow ink is speckled with gold flakes. It is bright, vibrant and the coolest part? It actually GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

Each set is handcrafted by Stu and Karina, and as is the case with handmade goodies, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced. Each set is inspected for quality and function before sale.

Handcrafted Dice Details

8 Piece Dice Set: D4, D6, D8, D10(0-9, 00-90), D12, D20, D20 XL
Color: Green (Glow powder) with gold flakes
Ink: Yellow
Series: 1-11
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Handcrafted Resin Dice

This resin dice set is handcrafted by Stu and Karina. We have designed, handcrafted, and put our love and hard work into each one of these dice. Because each set is handcrafted, no two sets are exactly the same!

Each set of dice takes several hours to create, from mixing and poring the dice, to sanding each site, and finally inking them by hand, they are truly a passion project.

The symbol is what our very close group of friends has adopted as our group emblem. We decided to put it on our dice as a nod to them and a representation of friendship and community.

We do inspect each die for quality and function before sale. However, as they are handmade, some die may be subject to small painting or surface imperfections, and we do not guarantee that they are fully balanced.

Why the Meeple Dot?

The reason for the Meeple Dot on the 9's and 6's is because when we started making handmade dice we would make meeples with the extra resin to go with the sets. Which then developed into including the Meeple on our handmade dice. So when designing the models for these dice, we wanted to include the Meeple Dot as a nod to where we started. Plus, we love games that include meeples, they're like little quest givers.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Just WOW

Absolutely stunning set of dice! Words seriously cannot describe how incredible these are. I'll still try though. Have you ever been in a forest with the sun filtering through the trees and illuminating the richness of the browns and greens of the trees and moss and the softest particles of light are shimmering in the air around you? Imagine being able to reach out and take a piece of that scene in your hands. I don't know how, but Stu and Karina have managed to do that with these dice. Absolutely beautiful!

Daniel Wohlrab
Carmilla’s Kiss

These dice are beautiful. The red catches the light just right and looks like blood from a vampire’s kiss. They roll very well. The packaging is beautiful and really well done. 10/10 will be ordering again. When commissions open I definitely want a table breaker d20 of this set

Absolutely Stunning

You can tell a lot of love went into these dice. And they are absolutely gorgeous! They look beautiful in the product pictures, but even better in person. I am incredibly impressed and happy with my new click-clacks!

Matt LeMaster

The box they came in was awesome it had a wax seal on it that is cool looking and the dice themselves are honestly one of the best dice sets I have ever seen they don't lie when they say no matter what angle your holding them in they show a different set of colors

Liz (El Panda) Yates
A lot of love went into these

I received my order from yesterday and I was so pleased with everything! The dice I ordered were even cooler in person (Sands of Time and Brimstone, plus 2 random D20’s). I planned to roll up a new character immediately but I was so impressed by the packaging—they came in little boxes with ribbon and a WAX SEAL. A WAX SEAL people!! Simply beautiful! I was even more impressed when I finally did unwrap them, proceeded to take a ridiculous amount of photos(sorry for the lighting quality), and rolled one of my most enjoyable D&D games yet. Thank you so much Karina and Stu!! You are awesome :)